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A little help ...

A little help is better than none.


Discipline is ...

Discipline is the most important part of success.

Truman Capote

If you want ...

If you want to experience something
which you have never experienced before,
it might be helpful to do something
which you have never done before.


Not everyone, who seems ...

Not everyone, who seems to be,
is really happy.
Some only smile
to not to cry!


Imagination is ..

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

The Art of Interconnected Thinking (Frederic Vester)

If you want to perceive the world out of another perspective, Vester's book does a great job for you. He colorfully describes in many examples how to think in networks and how to expediently make use of this paradigm. While reading I have been able to observe inconvenient changes, which firstly occured very sporadic though after a while more and more, in my thinking patterns. Inevitably you start viewing on systems and processes of any kind bit by bit differently. In order to make the connections within complex systems visible Frederic Vester uses the sensitivity model developed by himself. This helps to facilitate the change of your own perspectives and opinions and in case of the unconsious ones to explicitly name and understand thoughts.

Although I mature to an IT-specialist in the meantime I can just advise this book, whose initial intention is due to environmental issues, to everyone getting in contact with complex systems anywhere. Verster's piece of work is a big help to abstract the complex reality in complex systems, but nevertheless to make complex reality instantly pentrably and above all quickly comprehensible.

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